As Elite Security has grown, our management has had the foresight and capacity for reinvestment to continue to add security and consulting services to meet the needs of our Clients and stay ahead of competitors. Our strategy has been to create a “one stop shop” which offers the expertise and the economy of scale to keep in line with exacting corporate demands.

We are constantly expanding our departments and retraining our staff to keep up with the cutting edge of the security industry and the requirements of our Clients. This is foremost through the adoption of best practices from abroad via our numerous professional associations and also through industry competition in Russia and the CIS. Our top managers have worked since 1992 in the Russian private security sector and are thus aware of the future trends on a local level. The merging of Russian and International practices gives us the dynamism to stay ahead in the often turbulent Russian markets and guarantee our services for years to come. Accordingly, if you require a service that isn’t listed on our website – just get in touch and we will be able to assist.

At the present time, Elite Security is split into six sub departments, each with its own operations officer and hierarchy. For more information please visit the pages below: 

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